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Main Restaurant

We understand that when you are on a dinning adventure, you want the freshest vegetables, meat, poultry and fish available. Our recipes and purchasing procedures are designed to ensure you always get the freshest and the best. The restaurant offers a variety of Chinese, Continental and Nigerian dishes throughout the day.

It is important that you eat a varied and balanced diet. To fulfill your needs, Chelsea Hotelsuites developed a broad range of different catering concepts. With the level of expertise and great care taken to prepare our dishes its no wonder a number of our guests sometimes speculate if we operate a restaurant with a luxury hotel attached!


Breakfast when you want it...
Whether you are on business or pleasure, start the day right with a Chelsea Hotel breakfast: served every day from 4 am to midday.
Make the most of your stay pleasant by experiencing one of our regional breakfasts!
From 4:00 am to 8.30 am: "early riser" 
Ideal for those early birds, Chelsea Hotel offers a selection of pastries, cookies and hot and cold drinks.

From 9 am to Midday: "Easy riser"

We don't forget customers who are not quite in a hurry. You can enjoy hot drinks, fruit juices and various snacks until midday. If you need a bite or something to drink, whether you're arriving late or departing in the middle of the night, Chelsea Hotel guarantees you drinks and a hot or cold light meal, at any time, seven days a week, available from the bar or at reception in each hotel.


Need a bite to eat? Sudden hunger pangs? You're always welcome at Commodore. You can have Pizza, Spring Rolls with cream sauce, Prawn soup, Triple Decker Chelsea Hotel sandwich, fries or whatever your choice is at any time of day or night, from the restaurant or by calling Room Service.


The Chelsea Hotelbar is a friendly place, richly adorned with well manicured flowers and exotic plants in an environment like no other which is very perfect for relaxation and where everyone can get together. 

Don't think twice about taking a break! We serve a variety of the finest alcoholic beverages, cocktails and soft drinks and can serve you with a drink or small chop at any time of the day.


It is important that you eat a varied and balanced diet. So we offer what critics are arguably calling Abuja’s finest buffet spread.
To fulfill your needs, Chelsea Hotel have developed a broad range of different catering concepts. With our quality cuisine you will find a world of difference at every meal, and in a new and original environment every time.

Enter a world of delectable flavors for some unforgettable experiences.  Take the time to travel in the restaurants at our Chelsea Hotel and sample a menu rich in color and flavor. We pride ourselves for offering a taste of two worlds; Continental and African!


At dinner we offer a choice of menus. We have built a strong relationship with our suppliers & therefore serve only the finest and freshest ingredients to our guests.

We cater for guests needs, whether this be specific dietary requirements or special requests, and we endeavour to offer food which guests find interesting but not overly complicated - chef's often create dishes which in our opinion are designed to satisfy their ego's rather than the guests appetites! Chelsea Hotel chefs have a variety of awards for excellent cooking having each over a decade of experience in catering.

Many of Chelsea’s  dishes have both regional and intercontinental flavors and we try to offer our guests a 'taste of paradise'. Dinner is served at all times into the night. After dinner many guests like to take the opportunity to tour Abuja City which is a beauty to behold at night.
We can serve dinner earlier or at the time required for guests who are going to the cinema or for those attending a convention. A carefully selected wine list compliments the dinner menu.